This module encapsulates the operations for uArm. It provides basic Movement on Python. Also provides Firmware_helper and Calibration. The module named “pyuarm” makes the API more pythonic.

Other pages (online)


  • Auto uArm Port detection
  • Provide firmware_helper, firmware upgrade online
  • Provide Auto Calibration tool


  • Python 2.7x and Python 3.4x or above
  • Latest uArm Firmware



This install a package that can be used from Python (import pyuarm).

To install for all users on the system, administrator rights (root) may be required.


pyuarm requires you install uArm Firmware, Please install firmware before.

There are three ways to install firmware.

  • Use GUI uArm Assistant
  • Use uarmcli firmware -d after you install pyuarm
  • if uarmcli not working, you could use this way python -m -d

From PyPI

pyuarm can be installed from PyPI, either manually downloading the files and installing as described below or using:

pip install pyuarm

From source (tar.gz or checkout)

Download the archive from Unpack the archive, enter the pyuarm-x.y directory and run:

python install